Tupelo Team


Marci Sliman, Founder

Haven Studio, Boutique, and Esthetics are the result of my personal quest for the perfect everyday escape. Haven aspires to complement every busy lifestyle with a full suite of services, all within a warm and inviting space. A space equipped to maximize physical conditioning, or simply to relax and be pampered. We have an incredibly talented team, professionally trained and certified to meet every client at their starting point. I hope you find Haven Studio to be the sanctuary I envisioned from day one.  And now, we are thrilled to announce you can also find our Boutique and Pilates Reformer offerings in Oxford, MS through our exciting new collaboration with the BTBC Studio!  

500 Hour Pilates Reformer Instructor

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Brittany Rogers, Creative Director

Throughout my life physical fitness has always been important to me. I originally discovered Barre in 2010 and was immediately hooked. Until Barre, I had never realized that such small movements could make such a big impact. When my son was just a few months away from starting school, I started looking at the prospect of all of the classes I would be able to take and realized it was time to venture on to the next step! After teaching Barre, I realized that I had a desire to learn more - which is why I chose to also become certified in both Spin and Pilates. I’m so excited to share my passion for each of these modalities of exercise with you!

BarreAmped Instructor: Level 1, Level 2, Bootcamp, Fire, BandSculpt, Power Stretch; FiTOUR Primary Indoor Cycling Instructor; Haven Studio Pilates Reformer Instructor



Amanda Perry

I began my career as a certified occupational therapist and thus offer a unique perspective with knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and the benefits of restorative exercise. I have worked with all ages and am aware of unique challenges each age group presents. I have furthered my studies to acquire certification as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor. My blend of professional expertise focuses on overall fitness and restorative benefits.

500 Hour Pilates Reformer Instructor; Personal Trainer

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Lori Bevering

I have been in the health care field as a registered nurse for the past 16 years. As an RN, I have seen the impact of inactivity on the body, and it has inspired me to pursue physical fitness. For the past 7 years I have trained for marathons and triathlons using various forms of exercise, including CrossFit. I believe physical fitness should be fun, enjoyable, and rewarding...and help us to feel strong physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

500 Hour Pilates Reformer Instructor


Nancy Collins

From back surgery to bilateral hip replacement surgeries, the Pilates Reformer has helped me recover and live life to the fullest in my 70’s. Safe and supportive, it offers resistance and assistance at the same time.  The Reformer yields tangible results to get you back on track toward your goals.  As a retired nurse, I understand the value of building a foundation of strength, flexibility, and stability for all levels and ages.  You will see and feel the difference!

Pilates Academy International Pilates Reformer Instructor

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Tara Serio, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Physical activity has always been my outlet for stress relief. As a physical therapist, I have a great respect and appreciation for the benefits of Pilates and restorative exercise. It is a privilege to train instructors while continuing to work with all age groups and fitness levels to create a personalized exercise experience. My goal is that everyone feels positive and energized after each and every class.

500 Hour Pilates Reformer Instructor


Aubre Wells

Having discovered the benefits of regular exercise in my teens, I earned my AFAA group fitness certification while in college. Once teaching, I continued to study, earning certifications in Step Aerobics, Weight Training, and Indoor Cycling. Several years later, looking for a change of pace, I discovered Hot Yoga and and was hooked!  Upon receiving my Yoga certification, I began teaching at Haven Studio, where I discovered BTBC and Pilates. Now, to create the most magical practice, I incorporate Yoga, BTBC, Spin Fusion, and the Pilates Reformer into most every week. I believe this variety is the ultimate combo to stay healthy, balanced, strong, and sane!
200 Hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Instructor; FiTOUR Primary Indoor Cycling Instructor; Body Therapy by Coco Instructor; Haven Studio Pilates Reformer Instructor

Jenea Britton

I have always been interested in physical movement. With a background in dance and gymnastics, to discovering weight training, circuit training, and Crossfit, it is clear to me that health and fitness are an important part of a happy life. I took my first Yoga class six years ago and fell in love with the practice. Syncing body, breath, and mind is beautiful to me, and I believe Yoga can benefit everyone. I hope to share with students the ability to find happiness and freedom within their own bodies.

200 Hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Instructor


Posey McGraw

Health and fitness have always been an important part of my life. I have found a passion for teaching, and love sharing in the practice of yoga with others. Cardio strength training is also a passion of mine - I teach a number of high-engery cardio/yoga fusion classes using a variety of equipment to combine the best of these two worlds and keep you on your toes.

200 Hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Instructor; Mad Dogg Spin Instructor


Lauren Reddout Dent

Through many different outlets of physical exercise, I have learned the value of maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. I am excited to combine my passion for fitness through teaching both Barre and Pilates, helping others learn proper form and alignment regardless of the class they choose.

BarreAmped Instructor; Pilates Academy International Pilates Reformer Instructor


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Jennifer Calhoun

As a former collegiate athlete, ballet dancer, tennis player, and cheerleader, fitness has always played a significant role in my life. I am originally from Kingsport, Tennessee and was recruited by Ole Miss to play women’s golf. I fell in love with Mississippi and have never left. In 2017, Marci gave me an opportunity for which I will always be grateful. Teaching Barre is the perfect balance of grace and strength. My goal is to create a challenging and fun workout that will efficiently and safely sculpt strong, healthy, beautiful bodies and minds. In 2021, I began my Pilates Reformer training and immediately fell in love with the variety and challenge of the Reformer. My passion is to challenge each person to reach their personal fitness goals and become the best version of themselves!

BarreAmped Instructor, Haven Studio Pilates Reformer Instructor

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Lacey Short

I’m excited to join Haven Studio and the BTBC family! I’m originally from Dallas, TX, but I moved to the area to attend Ole Miss, where I met my husband, then moved to Tupelo in 2012. My love of movement led me to my first BTBC class. The combination of music, cardio, and strength training is such a great approach to fitness and I can’t wait to share my passion for this format! I hope to offer the same sense of acceptance, accessibility, and fun that I’ve found with this community.

Body Therapy by Coco Instructor


Coco Cockrell

Corrie “Coco” Cockrell is a graduate of the University of Mississippi with a degree in General Studies in Theater, Music, and Education. Coco is a professionally trained dancer with a certification in commercial entertainment, and she has been fortunate to work with some of the most successful teachers and choreographers in the industry. Throughout her training, Coco has completed various workshops related to anatomy, the muscular system, alignment, strength training, nutritional guidance, and health coaching. These varied but related fields of study led her to design and develop her own body therapy by coco instructor certification program.

Body Therapy By Coco Founder and Instructor; 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher; Nutritious Life Master Level; Barre Instructor - Franco's New Orleans; Haven Studio Pilates Reformer Instructor


Josh Fulwiler

I first became interested in the connection between the mind and body while in graduate school. The more I studied psychology, the more I realized the importance of physical activity for positive mental health. I first discovered yoga after a series of training-related injuries and immediately appreciated the focus on balance, a combination of strength and ease. I received my certification as a yoga instructor in 2015 from Southern Star Yoga Center in Oxford, MS, where I went on to teach until I completed coursework at Ole Miss. I returned to my hometown for my residency year, completing a rotation in pediatric psychology at the Tulane School of Medicine.

My passion is bringing yoga to beginners and those who have had little previous experience with yoga. At the BTBC Studio, I teach both yoga and Pilates Reformer classes. My goal is to continue to develop and refine my understanding of the connection between the clinical science of psychology and movement.


Licensed Clinical Psychologist; 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher; Haven Studio Pilates Reformer Instructor


Lacy Morse

“My parents always instilled the importance of exercising and its effect on my mental and physical health. I grew up involved in dance, show choir, and cheerleading, and it evolved to wanting to stay active and healthy. I first attended BTBC in January 2019 where Corrie taught me a lot about health, wellness, and loving my body. I’m excited to begin teaching classes at Haven and show everyone what BTBC has taught me! My focus is on a combination of strength training and cardio - I love how these classes make me feel and get me energized for the day ahead. I hope to bring that same energy and experience to my students!”

Body Therapy By Coco Instructor


Molly Nolan

Movement & wellness have been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. I come from an active family and have been taught that exercise is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle - both mentally and physically. My classes will focus on a combination of stretching, strength training and cardio using a variety of equipment to accompany the Reformer. I hope to promote strength, confidence and FUN in my classes!

Haven Studio Pilates Reformer Instructor

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Sallie Kate Ray

Having fallen in love with Barre and Pilates Reformer classes at Haven Studio, I’ve been a devotee since the beginning.  As a person with hip and knee issues, movement is a necessity for me.  The low impact workouts are therapeutic and gentle, yet work muscles you never knew you had!  I leave each class feeling challenged and refreshed - that’s why I’m so excited to be a part of the Haven team teaching both Restorative and full Pilates Reformer classes in Tupelo and Oxford.

Haven Studio Pilates Reformer Instructor


Megan Waddell

Physical fitness and overall wellness have always been important to me, and I’m no stranger to any and all traditional forms of exercise. However, it wasn’t until I discovered reformer pilates while studying at MSU that I felt like I had really found my niche. The reformer completely reshaped my body and my mentality towards physical wellness as a whole. I was certified in 2013 and began instructing during my junior year at Mississippi State. I taught for 2 years at Midtown Pilates in Starkville, MS and 1 year at Pilates Studio of Ridgeland in Ridgeland, MS. I am thrilled to now have the opportunity to share my love for the reformer and all that the practice has to offer with everyone here at Haven Studio!

Pilates Academy International Anatomy, Biomechanics; Posture/Pilates Academy International All Populations Reformer

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Randi Warmath

I began spinning 10 years ago as I was looking to find variety during training for a series of half-marathons. I soon realized that indoor cycling challenged me aerobically just as much as running, but provided the benefits of low-impact exercise and an encouraging group atmosphere. I fell in love with the fast music, strength benefits, and the efficiency of getting a full body workout in a short amount of time. As a former classroom teacher, I am excited to have an opportunity to teach again. Health and wellness are a big part of my life and so is having fun. To me, spin is a party on a bike. And not to mention, a great sweat. So join the party!

FiTOUR Primary Indoor Cycling Instructor


Raigan Miskelly

I grew up playing every sport imaginable- including Texas Pee Wee Football! I love to be active! I played competitive tennis at the Division I level and then had two babies, worked 80+ hour workweeks, and suffered from bulging discs and degenerative back issues. I was told that I would have to quit playing tennis, never run again, and drastically change the stress and physical strain that I put on my body. That is when I found spin! I found that Spin provides an excellent way to increase your heart rate, improve cardiovascular endurance, build strength and stamina, and burn a ton of calories, all the while jamming out to great music. I seek to incorporate positive vibes in a motivational atmosphere that challenges you to be your best self on and off the bike. Come join me for a mind, body, and soul experience as we ride together!

Mad Dogg Spin Instructor


Athen Parks

I became a licensed massage therapist 15 years ago, and have continued to explore and learn modalities and techniques that have helped me become an intuitive Practitioner, as well as an Instructor. My goal in each client session is to promote relaxation and circulation to the body, and a natural return to homeostasis. I simply love what I do and look forward to working with a wide array of clients at Haven Studio.

Massage Therapist, License #704; National Business & Professional Ethics; Cupping Therapy; Hot Stone; Reflexology Basics; Acu-Point Foot Massage; Shiatsu; Ashiatsu- Oriental Deep Feet Bar Therapy; Aromatherapy; Thai Yoga Massage; Scapula Releases; Deep Tissue Massage: Lower Body; Synergetic Myofascial Therapy

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Ryle Holmes

I have always been interested in self care, beauty, and fashion. After working in the beauty industry for several years, I decided to move forward with advanced esthetics training in Bozeman, Montana. I love being an esthetician because it allows me to continually learn, evolve, and genuinely connect with my clients. My goal for every client is to experience relaxation, balance, and vitality during their time with me.

750 Hour Advanced Esthetics Program; Reflexology Basics;
Microdermabrasion; Classic Lash Extensions; License #COS-SKN-LIC-117443; Permit No. 20211005-04



Janet Ventura

I'm a huge believer in doing what you love and you will never work a day in your life! Growing up in a home full of girls, I was inspired to follow a path in the beauty industry. After obtaining my Cosmetology license in 2013, I found myself drawn to makeup and hairstyling. However, after many years of hand and foot massage during manicures/pedicures, I was encouraged by clients to pursue my license in Massage Therapy. It is such a rewarding profession to be able to help my clients look and feel their absolute best - their smiles and confidence resulting from my work is what motivates me.

Makeup Artist; Cosmetologist, License #538819; Massage Therapist, License #2705

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Ebony McKenzie

Massage therapy is my passion. As people work harder and harder, they often struggle with prioritizing their own well being. I have found that massage therapy helps manage stress and that is a critical piece to a maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I am young in my career, but find it extremely rewarding and look forward to helping others appreciate the benefits of self care.

Massage Therapist, License #2724


Mia Moore

Helping people feel good about themselves is my specialty!  I’ve been a cosmetologist for over 6 years and I have recently expanded my craft to include massage therapy.  My goal is to help you feel your absolute best after our time together!

Massage Therapist, License #2881; Reflexology Basics


Amar Johnson

My passion for massage therapy, and its transformative benefits, began when I started experiencing pain and fatigue from running cross country during high school. The benefits that I received from massage therapy allowed me to see it as a wellness tool rather than a luxury service. This has driven me to pursue a career in the field. I believe self-care is a must in today’s busy world; regular bodywork and energy work are vital to experiencing both mental and physical wellness.

Massage Therapist, License #2905; Reflexology Basics


Cadiejah Nash

With more than 5 years in the nail salon industry, I am thrilled to turn my passion into something greater.  I’m so excited to join the Haven Studio team and help others look and feel their best!

Licensed Nail Technician