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Marci Sliman, Founder

Haven Studio, Boutique, and Esthetics are the result of my personal quest for the perfect everyday escape. Haven aspires to complement every busy lifestyle with a full suite of services, all within a warm and inviting space. A space equipped to maximize physical conditioning, or simply to relax and be pampered. We have an incredibly talented team, professionally trained and certified to meet every client at their starting point. I hope you find Haven Studio to be the sanctuary I envisioned from day one.  And now, we are thrilled to announce you can also find our Boutique and Pilates Reformer offerings in Oxford, MS through our exciting new collaboration with the BTBC Studio!  

500 Hour Pilates Reformer Instructor


Dalyn Reynolds, Director of Marketing + Social Media

Overall health and wellness has always been very important to me. I started taking Pilates classes in college at MSU, and fell in love with the way it made me feel.  I began my career in healthcare and wellness in 2019 as an exercise physiologist and cardio fitness instructor. Later that year I began teaching at a studio in Starkville, then with the studio’s second location in Jackson  in 2020 after moving to begin nursing school at UMMC. As a registered nurse as well as an exercise physiologist, I understand the impact and importance that purposeful movement can have on the body. I cannot wait to encourage you and inspire you to do new, hard, and fun things with your body!

Balanced Body Pilates Reformer Instructor

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Lori Bevering

I have been in the health care field as a registered nurse for the past 16 years. As an RN, I have seen the impact of inactivity on the body, and it has inspired me to pursue physical fitness. For the past 7 years I have trained for marathons and triathlons using various forms of exercise, including CrossFit. I believe physical fitness should be fun, enjoyable, and rewarding...and help us to feel strong physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

500 Hour Pilates Reformer Instructor

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Sallie Kate Ray

Having fallen in love with Barre and Pilates Reformer classes at Haven Studio, I’ve been a devotee since the beginning.  As a person with hip and knee issues, movement is a necessity for me.  The low impact workouts are therapeutic and gentle, yet work muscles you never knew you had!  I leave each class feeling challenged and refreshed - that’s why I’m so excited to be a part of the Haven team teaching both Restorative and full Pilates Reformer classes in Tupelo and Oxford.

Haven Studio Pilates Reformer Instructor


Aubre Wells

Having discovered the benefits of regular exercise in my teens, I earned my AFAA group fitness certification while in college. Once teaching, I continued to study, earning certifications in Step Aerobics, Weight Training, and Indoor Cycling. Several years later, looking for a change of pace, I discovered Hot Yoga and and was hooked!  Upon receiving my Yoga certification, I began teaching at Haven Studio, where I discovered BTBC and Pilates. Now, to create the most magical practice, I incorporate Yoga, BTBC, Spin Fusion, and the Pilates Reformer into most every week. I believe this variety is the ultimate combo to stay healthy, balanced, strong, and sane!
200 Hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Instructor; FiTOUR Primary Indoor Cycling Instructor; Body Therapy by Coco Instructor; Haven Studio Pilates Reformer Instructor
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Jennifer Calhoun

As a former collegiate athlete, ballet dancer, tennis player, and cheerleader, fitness has always played a significant role in my life. I am originally from Kingsport, Tennessee and was recruited by Ole Miss to play women’s golf. I fell in love with Mississippi and have never left. In 2017, Marci gave me an opportunity for which I will always be grateful. Teaching Barre is the perfect balance of grace and strength. My goal is to create a challenging and fun workout that will efficiently and safely sculpt strong, healthy, beautiful bodies and minds. In 2021, I began my Pilates Reformer training and immediately fell in love with the variety and challenge of the Reformer. My passion is to challenge each person to reach their personal fitness goals and become the best version of themselves!

BarreAmped Instructor, Haven Studio Pilates Reformer Instructor

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Dakin Reed

I began my Pilates journey 3 years ago for the physical benefits of core strength and long lean lines, but quickly became obsessed with the mental clarity and ease it gives me everyday. Pilates is all about the mind body connection. Not only will we work our bodies to strengthen, lengthen, and tone, but our minds and personal energies will be met with challenging and educational opportunities as well. I love incorporating breath-work into my classes while also focusing on specific muscles and moves to really sculpt our bodies in the most beneficial way. I hope my class is empowering, grounding, and elevating and I can’t wait to see you in the space!

300 Hour Pilates Mat and Reformer Instructor


Amar Johnson

My passion for massage therapy, and its transformative benefits, began when I started experiencing pain and fatigue from running cross country during high school. The benefits that I received from massage therapy allowed me to see it as a wellness tool rather than a luxury service.  Throughout my journey to become a massage therapist, I discovered Pilates and appreciate the connection between these two practices.  I believe self-care is a must in today’s busy world; regular bodywork and the reformer are vital to experiencing both mental and physical wellness.

Massage Therapist, License #2905; Reflexology Basics; Haven Studio Pilates Reformer Instructor

Juli website

Juli Hendricks

I was introduced to Yoga at a very young age and immediately fell in love. As I journeyed and explored my personal practice, I knew there was nothing else I would rather do with my life. Yet with my lifestyle focused on health and wellness, I began to venture out and quickly discovered my love for Reformer Pilates. With the combination of Yoga and Pilates, I hope to introduce my clients to not only the physical strength of the body, but also the calmness and serenity that I have found for myself.
Haven Studio Pilates Reformer Instructor; 200 Hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Instructor/Spring 2023
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Andi Hildenbrand

As a former educator, teaching and inspiring others has always been so meaningful to me. My body began to ache after years of running - specifically my feet and hips - and I decided to give Yoga a try. From the very first class, I not only sensed my body was feeling stronger, but my mind began to calm. Yoga combines the gift of breath with movement, and as my family will tell you, it has been life changing for me. Along my Yoga journey, I discovered a passion for Pilates. I believe the two practices complement each other in every way. My goal as an instructor is to inspire my students to find their own strength in body and mind, and beautiful peace and calm from within.

500 Hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Instructor (Spring 2023); Haven Studio Pilates Reformer Instructor

Riley Kate Fair

After years of gymnastics and cheerleading, I have learned the importance of maintaining flexibility with strength. Pilates has been the best thing to keep me toned and flexible after moving on from competitive sports. It combines both strengthening workouts as well as deep stretching in a fun and challenging way. I believe physical exercise is key to keeping both mind and body balanced. I have practiced Pilates at Haven Studio in Tupelo for years and am so excited to be teaching in Oxford!

Haven Studio Pilates Reformer Instructor